Easy Sushi Recipes

Choose from one of our easy to make sushi rolls below or for more of a challenge, go check out our challenging sushi recipes!
Alaska Roll Sushi Recipe, Easy Ingredients, & More!
Simple roll. Bold flavor.
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Alaska Roll 1
Boston Roll Sushi Recipe with Bold Ingredients
Easy shrimp recipe with a crunch!
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Boston Roll
California Roll: Easy Recipe & Ingredients!
Ultimate beginner sushi roll recipe! All ingredients easy to find. Quick, easy, and delicious!
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California Roll
New York Roll: FAQ, Ingredients & Recipe (Delicious!)
Simple, delicious, & fully cooked!
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New York Roll
Philadelphia Roll- Simple Recipe, Great Flavor!
Smoked Salmon and cream cheese! Add an easy-to-make spicy mayo sauce for a little kick!
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Philadelphia Roll 2
Rainbow Roll: Quick Recipe & Easy Ingredients
Tuna, crab, and salmon? A different flavor with every bite!
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Rainbow Roll
Shrimp Tempura Roll- FAQ, Easy Recipe, & More!
Super easy sushi recipe that tastes like heaven!
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Shrimp Tempura Roll
Spicy Crab Roll: Bold Ingredients & More!
Simple roll… with a kick!
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Spicy Crab Roll 3
Spicy Tuna Roll- Delicious Recipe & Easy Ingredients!
Easy beginner sushi roll with a kick- especially for those that love ahi tuna!
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Spicy Tuna Roll
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