7 Easy Sushi Recipes That Are Surprisingly Simple

New York Roll

Yes, sushi making is an art… but an easy art (for the most part)! Follow along to see just how easy making sushi at home can be with these simple follow-along easy sushi recipes and ingredients you can find at your local grocery store!

Easy Sushi Recipe Table of Contents

    Why should we make a ranking of easy sushi recipes?

    What I am about to say isn’t a secret… people love sushi! That begs the question, why do people not make sushi at home? There are probably several reasons honestly. People believe that the ingredients are to hard to find or that all sushi chefs go to school to learn how to make sushi (both of which are wrong). In fact, there are tons of easy sushi recipes online that can be made in your own kitchen.

    Sushi Chef Making Easy Sushi Recipes!

    Don’t get me wrong, professional sushi making is a craft that chefs train, go to school for, and spend years honing their skills. That doesn’t mean that you cant make simple sushi rolls in the comfort of your own kitchen! Keep reading for a list of rolls and links to their recipes that are perfect easy sushi recipes for beginner sushi chefs!

    The California Roll– The king of easy sushi recipes

    The ultimate beginner sushi recipe, what more is there to say? Made from easily found ingredients, every novice sushi chef needs to start with our California roll recipe. The imitation crab, cucumber, and avocado are all staples at any grocery store. The toughest ingredient to find is the sushi rice (here is a link to purchase my favorite brand on amazon).

    California Roll: Easy Recipe & Ingredients!
    Ultimate beginner sushi roll recipe! All ingredients easy to find. Quick, easy, and delicious!
    Check out this recipe
    California Roll
    California Roll

    The Boston Roll– Boiled shrimp special!

    The Boston roll is not a staple in most restaurants but is a great option to make at home because of how easy the ingredients are to find. The ingredients list consists of boiled medium sized shrimp, cucumber, and avocado. Once again, the toughest ingredient to find is the sushi rice (

    Boston Roll
    Boston Roll With Shrimp
    Boston Roll

    The Philadelphia Roll– Salmon and cream cheese!

    The Philadelphia roll is a simple recipe to make, however the challenge becomes sourcing your raw salmon. If finding raw salmon is to big of a challenge, you can used smoked or canned salmon as a substitute. Other ingredients include cream cheese and cucumber.

    Philadelphia Roll- Simple Recipe, Great Flavor!
    Smoked Salmon and cream cheese! Add an easy-to-make spicy mayo sauce for a little kick!
    Check out this recipe
    Philadelphia Roll 2
    Philadelphia Roll With Salmon And Cream Cheese
    Philadelphia Roll

    The Spicy Crab Roll– crab with a kick!

    The spicy crab roll is equivalent to a California roll, just with an extra kick! Ingredients are the same- imitation crab, avocado, and cucumber. The difference is that the roll is topped with spicy mayo sauce!

    Spicy Crab Roll: Bold Ingredients & More!
    Simple roll… with a kick!
    Check out this recipe
    Spicy Crab Roll 3
    Spicy Crab Roll 3
    Spicy Crab Roll

    The Spicy Tuna Roll– Who doesn’t like tuna?

    Spicy tuna rolls are my go to appetizer at a sushi restaurant and are dynamite in the kitchen at home! Do not be intimidated at the thought of buying fresh tuna. Although on the more expensive side, most grocery stores sell fresh tuna in their seafood cases. A cheaper option is to find frozen ahi tuna steak in the freezer section. These work just as well! Don’t forget to add the spicy mayo sauce!

    Spicy Tuna Roll- Delicious Recipe & Easy Ingredients!
    Easy beginner sushi roll with a kick- especially for those that love ahi tuna!
    Check out this recipe
    Spicy Tuna Roll
    Spicy Tuna Roll With Lots Of Tuna!
    Spicy Tuna Roll

    The New York Roll– Easy sushi recipes sleeper pick!

    The New York sushi roll could be considered one of the best kept secrets of all time… I love sauteed shrimp, it gives the shrimp a little extra pop and you can season sauteed shrimp so many different ways. In a ranking of easy sushi rolls, the New York roll would be considered my sleeper pick.

    Pro Tip: Add garlic, lemon, and cilantro to your sauteed shrimp.

    New York Roll: FAQ, Ingredients & Recipe (Delicious!)
    Simple, delicious, & fully cooked!
    Check out this recipe
    New York Roll
    Sauteed Shrimp
    Sauteed Shrimp!

    The Alaska Roll– Salmon AND Crab!

    You may take one look at the Alaska roll and think how on planet Earth did this sushi roll make it on the list of easy sushi recipes? The obvoius answer is because it has two meats but that should not intimidate you! If you are looking to level up your sushi game and have a main course, this is the roll for you! The most challenging part is sourcing raw salmon. Don’t forget that smoked or canned salmon can be a substitute!

    Alaska Roll Sushi Recipe, Easy Ingredients, & More!
    Simple roll. Bold flavor.
    Check out this recipe
    Alaska Roll 1
    Alaska Roll
    Alaska Roll

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